Our media library of ESD Control training and certification programs includes DVDs, for group or classroom presentation, and automated training and testing programs (OVT), for hosting on your network, intranet, or LMS.

From this website, you can watch or download free / complete reviews of our latest ESD prevention video programs. Subject matter includes basic ESD physics and the causes of static charges; danger to electronic components and assemblies from ESD; personal grounding and ESD safe work areas; static generating materials and practices to be avoided; proper handling, storage and transporting of sensitive electronics -- geared towards technical (touch) and administrative (non-touch) workers in and around electronics assembly, as well as ESD control for electronics service technicians and IT staff who repair equipment after it's been manufactured.

IPC is a not-for-profit trade association and technical standards organization serving over 3000 member companies in the electronics industry. Our media department has been producing award-winning video training for more than 30 years. These programs are developed in cooperation with volunteer industry experts to insure that our training is free from commercial bias, is technically accurate, and covers the broadest-base of industry concerns.


ESD Training & Cert for Assembly Operators
ESD Training & Cert for Instructors
ESD Training & Cert for IT/ Electronics Service Techs
ESD Training & Cert for Non-Technical Staff
ESD Training & Cert for Material Handlers
ESD Continuing Education & Recertification

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